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The Opinion Poll Series(3): First Dates(The questions she wants to ask…)



THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY! Hope the week has been good to you?

I have been thinking of a new spice that I could add to the soup that is my blog and I remembered I had the Opinion poll series segment and that, I haven’t written anything on it for a while. So thanks to a feature on Snapchat, a good idea popped in my head! And that is, getting the actual opinion of not just self or one other person but a bunch of pretty ladies! LOL…This way, the blog is also interactive.

First Dates.

A First date in my opinion is going out with someone you are attracted to and vice versa for the first time, to get to know each other better. You go on first dates to get a better impression of someone and to see if the crush can turn to actual like. On the first date, you are both basically testing each other with subtle questions to see if your date is either someone you would like to see again, someone you wouldn’t want to see again and other decisions in between.

This is the first phase of this poll and as I stated earlier opinions have been gotten from just ladies, the next poll I would put up on Thursday and this time, it would be the guys answering the same questions. So hold up, I am not that feminist, just stay tuned.

The question is; What are those questions you want to ask your date on the first date but don’t because you do not want to come off as being too Desperate, Forward, Prude or Serious(and by serious other words like boring, nerdy, holier than thou can come to mind)

Each person has two questions she is dying to ask you but doesn’t, so guys, pay attention.


  • Meet Muna(Her questions are quite vicious and blunt but hey, it’s real, we all have these questions at the back of our minds, truth be told)


Question 1. Are you planning to get married soon? (Falz ft Yemi Alade’s “Marry Me” comes to mind🎤)


Question 2. Are you broke? (hammer on the head)😆

  • Say hello to the pretty Model Chioma


Question 1. Do you have a Baby mama?( turns out the amount of bad boys out there just keep growing, my girl don’t want no father of a village)


Question 2. Are you really into me, or is it just a fling to you? (Checking for future stats ie. Side chic,Main chic, one and only Bae)

  • My Boo boo, Queen Holly!❤


Question 1. How long was you last relationship?( Bae wants to know how much of a player you are or if something is wrong with you and the ex’s just couldn’t cope)


Question 2. Have you introduced any girl to your parents? (this is so we know that if you haven’t and you do introduce us sometime in the future, we can feel special)👑

  • My paddie from way back, Nonye!


Question 1. Are you down for a serious relationship that can lead somewhere? (This is actually a very popular question)


Question 2. Are you sure you aren’t already in a relationship? (Just incase it slipped your mind, ain’t auditioning to be a side chic) In her words, ‘When a guy asks you out, he is always single, meanwhile you did be looking behind your back make person no come tear your cloth”


First dates can make or mar the future of any relationship, so everyone is careful of what they say or do. We put our best forward from what we wear to what we say.  Just as you would also be watching,  forget the pleasantries and the formalities, your every move is being watched. Let me let you in on a lil secret guys, from the first date, a girl places you on a scale. You can fall on either one of these on a girl’s hierarchy of  …don’t know the word but the image below would help.


Brief Summary of the above Pyramid

Friend Zone: She feels no spark or chemistry between you both. She is not attracted to you physically. Probably likes to gist and laugh with you, even sees herself telling you about some other guy she is crushing on. simply put, does not want to date you, but you would make a good friend! someone to laugh with and a shoulder to cry on.

Side Nigga: Like the opposite of the first,  there is a spark and there is even more chemistry. But she is attracted to you just physically. She is in lust and not in love with you. This is probably because you are the male version of the dumb blonde, good bod, handsome and nothing else to offer or because you are just good in bed and nothing else. It could also be because she is in a relationship with someone else or you are in a relationship and unavailable, either ways it is just sex and nothing more, no feelings attached.

Maga/Money Bag: she is attracted to your wealth, money, what you have to offer her and nothing more. To get these she may play along and act the role of your girlfriend, but when a girl doesn’t love you, if you pay good attention you should know. You are a means to an end.

Fall Back Dude/ Next Best Thing: You came second and not first. You are not the one she loves but the one she settles for. You are safe, dependable, you love her even much more than she likes you. She may have feelings for you, but you don’t light the fire in her life. She is with you either because she broke up with an ex she is still in love with and trying to get over or because the guy she wants to be with is dating her best friend…lol you catch my drift yea?

The ONE: Simply put, one true love. The one she wants to marry and spend forever with. The one she can do any and everything for. The (hopefully) father to her unborn children. Do I go on? Na, am sure you get the picture…

Back to Business…

Meet this talented make up artist friend of mine, Ololade of Lola and Brushes. Her questions are definitely interesting and funny.


Question 1. What are your future plans? (Marry me still keeps coming to mind!)


Question 2. What is your genotype! (The earlier we know this the better, no time for waste of feelings!)😁

  • Faith Gora a.k.a  Fabulous Gee, my backiee❤   please come and sprinkle your luck on me! Lol you know what I mean.


Question 1. How many relationships have you had in the past?(So far) and how did they end?


Question 2. How old are you and at what age do you intend to get married?

  • Beauty queen Juliet, Patoranking’s wife. He doesn’t know he is married to her yet though.😝


Question 1. What are your turn offs when it comes to the opposite sex?


Question 2. What do you hate about the dating process?

The fairest of them All! Yvonne!😍


Question 1: what are your goals in life?

Question 2: Would you waste time in replying my texts?😩😂


And then finally, this post wouldn’t be complete if I don’t have my questions, my girls have basically asked every thing but I just have to say something.



Question 1. Have you ever cheated in your past relationships? (I wish there were lie detectors though because most guys would say no)


Question 2. 10 reasons why you want to go out with me. (I ask the weirdest questions)😝

Ok, so there you have it guys, these are questions girls actually want to ask you behind “veiled innocent seeming interrogations and normal conversations” but don’t. So far so good, they are all marriage and net worth related…lol, don’t blame us! It’s not like we would actually ask them…we just wish we could! And before you point fingers, it’s your turn next week, I almost don’t want to know the questions y’all want to ask, hehe.

Hope you enjoyed the post, along with pictures of my fine fine friends? Hehe… Ladies you can add more questions in the comment section. Guys leave your comments, what do you have to say about these questions? Would you answer them?

P.S: If you would be interested in the next poll, please do indicate.

P.S.S: Please don’t forget tp subscribe to the blog and share! you know you love it!😉

It heeez noh heaazy so support the hustle and thanks if you already are!



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