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Hello and Good evening!

You are all probably use to how late I always am with telling this story…lol!🙈 To compensate, it’s longer! Hope you enjoy? Tell me about it in the comment section, and please do invite your friends to read too!

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  About the Author


Well…Zubie is…lol! This is pretty awkward, I don’t know what to say. Ok, I think I am a fairly talented writer but I have been so lazy these past few years. My writing game was strong way back in sec school as I was obssessed with writing, was also an avid reader. Got into a lot of trouble with my teachers for that. I have written a couple of novels, they never got published.😩 My parents were huge fans, they even got me to talk to chimamanda Adichie and promised me summer lessons in writing, but the spirit of laziness and distractions from university…

oh well, good news is I am making a comeback…Enjoy!

P.s: Zubie doesn’t like dogs or have nine cats, as is popular amongst other authors but Zubie is a hopeless romantic especially when she is writing a story😄


Ray’s Lust.


    My head was banging and I felt like I was in a moving house. The scent that
had been present before my world went blank was back again and the body that held me felt like home, sold and sure… wait, what the…! Last I checked I was in the club, where the hell was I and why wouldn’t this new place stop moving? I looked up to see angry eyes staring back at me. Boma’s angry eyes! And like an alarm in my head I remembered the situation I was in, how he sat me down on the bar stool and asked me “what the hell” I thought I was doing and I shut my eyes tight, became mute, that question had definitely been accurate. My eyes flew back open at the solid bump that shook us and I tried to turn away from the intensity of his stare and that chest that made me think naughty thoughts in this seemly serious situation. But I couldn’t go too far, I realized all too soon that we were huddled at the back sit of a car, just him and I!
Stay put!” he spoke sharply and for the first time.
I could only whimper as I covered my face in my hands. My head was banging and being with him wasn’t helping matters, again where was Lisa?
Oh dear! She is awake” she answered my thoughts. Relieved, I removed my hands from my face to see her looking down at me from the front sit, smiling weakly. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one affected by Boma’s mood.
Hey babe, how do you feel?”
My head is banging, I just want to go home” I answered.
It’s alright. That’s where we are headed, almost there
To avoid speaking more and to remove myself from the awkwardness of the situation, I shut my eyes again and counted the stars in my head.
We are here”, Boma anounced shortly. And despite my little protests, he carried me out of the car and waited as Lisa removed my keys from my bag and opened my apartment. He carried me up the stairs to my bedroom and gently dropped me on my bed.
There was an awkward silence between us while he looked down at me, hands akimbo, like he wasn’t sure what to with me. Majorly though, I could tell he was fuming!
I had to say something, as much as I felt intimidated, there was nothing I wanted more than his presence lying right beside me on my bed. I had to apologise, despite his obvious annoyance, he had been nothing but sweet to me. He had saved me from that lecherous man at the club…
Boma…I..I…my car” I stammered, my stupid pride still wouldn’t let me admit that I was wrong or even sorry.
He looked like he was going to smack my head and the expression on his face almost made me laugh, but my face must have sensed it was a bad idea as it managed to keep my lips straight.
He turned to leave and-
He turned back
Boma, I am sorry, i didn’t think…Thank you for everything” I really didn’t want him to leave and to make matters worse, he hadn’t said a word to me since. Unless you are counting “Stay put!
But he just looked away and walked out the door.
Suddenly I felt like curling up and crying, the last thing I needed was Boma pissed off at me. What if he had started thinking that I wasn’t worth the trouble and he broke up with me? It would just be my fault! Not only had I gone to that damn club, I had drunk myself to stupor. The height of irresponsibility! I could imagine what my Dad would say if he heard…I punched my bed, hugged my pillow and sobbed into it.
Oh baby, don’t cry, your headache will only get worse. I brought you hot coffee” Lisa said cutting through my sobs. She walked in carrying a cup of coffee and the thought that I wasn’t alone was definitely a consolation. She was the second person I would rather have with me if Boma was a no show.
Sit up and have some, you should feel better” she continued patting my head.
I obediently did as she told, collecting the cup from her, I took several sips. The coffee was hot and it had an instant calming effect.
I messed up Lisa! Boma is furious at me, what if he…what if he-
Don’t say that!” she cut in, looking a little bit amazed as she narrated “You need to see the way he carried you out of that club babe, like an egg! Everyone just watched as he took total control of the situation.
I am just a disgrace!” I wailed burying my face on my pillow
No you are not, you just had a little too much to drink and that’s all, it happens boo” Lisa said giving me a hug. I sobbed into her shirt and after long minutes the Lisa I knew came to life, pulling me back she said
Oya, brace yourself, you are not a baby and Boma would come around!
No buts! That guy loves you and if anything I saw it today.
I don’t think so. Did you see the way he was looking at me? Like I was some wayward child and he wouldn’t even speak to me. What if he calls it off?” I insisted, forcing myself to hold back the tears that threatened to come flowing again if anything, I didn’t want to add to my headache.
He will do no such thing, we all make mistakes. Just call him tomorrow and apologise and I promise you it would be fine. Now finish up that coffee and go to bed, I am going to the parlour. Tim has been calling and I need to return his calls before all hell lets loose and I am in your shoes.
I glared at her and the look on my face had her laughing.
It’s true na, someone has to console the other, if our boyfriends are pissed at us it would be a disaster!
Amused at her sense of reasoning, I replied “Go jo, get out of here!
* * *
Good morning honey bunch, How was your night? Thanks a lot for yesterday. I am really sorry and I know I messed up big time! Please forgive me, I don’t know what came over me but I promise it wouldn’t happen again.
That text message and 6 calls later, yet Boma has refused to pick my calls or even reply. I couldn’t even believe I was begging this much! “arggggh!” I groaned loudly throwing my phone on the bed.
Lisa came rushing in, “What’s wrong?” she asked looking worried
The whimp has sworn not to talk to me today even after that text!” I grumbled.
Lisa frowned.
Oh! So that is why you want to bring down the house? Get over yourself and give him time, his probably still angry with you or simply busy!” she said
I just want him to talk to me, shout, scream, at least let me know whatsup. The silence is killing me!” I replied
You have done nothing all day and it’s almost 2 O’ clock! Go and have your bath jo, I am just about to bring down the spag from the fire and if I get back and you are not in the bathroom, I will pour hot spag on that perfect skin!” she threatened waving the cooking spoon at me.
I eyed her “You’re just wicked, can’t you see I am an emotional wreck?” I mourned
Emotional my ass! Let me come back and see you on that bed, you will know wicked is learning where I am!” she warned and left.
Lisa could be such a mummy! But I loved her that way. She was right, I had to be up and doing. Sulking I stood up, got out of my night wear and stomped childishly into the shower.

Dressed in my oversized white tank top I went to the kitchen, served myself and joined Lisa on the couch. She was watching one of my favourite series, “Jenifa”
The food tasted really nice but I found I was barely eating, merely content playing with it. Jenifa, who was also the main character in the series and who was always funny seemed dry today. For the 5th time, I glanced at my phone to see if Boma had sent a text and I wasn’t surprised at the disappointment I felt.
Argh!” Lisa groaned, surprised I looked up “ You should see yourself, you are just a bag of depression! You have barely touched your food in the last 30 minutes and you keep making sounds with that fork!”
I am sorry-”
“Don’t be, just eat up let’s go and see a movie
yes Ma!” I consented, tired of being a spoil sport “The spag tastes good by the way” I complimented on second thoughts.
Making a face she replied “But of course! By the way, Boma sent our cars over from the club.”   My car! It hadn’t even crossed my mind.
Yeah now finish up let’s get ready, meet me in your room.” she answered dryly
The movie served it’s purpose, it was a good distraction. But as soon as it was over a quick glance at my phone reminded me that Boma wasn’t talking to me.
We window shopped a little. Not wanting to soil the mood with my feelings, I laughed at Lisa’s jokes and listened when I was meant to. We went home shortly after.
10:34, I was on my bed, still no call from Boma.
The Sunday service was interesting. Pastor MOSES preached Forgiveness and I thought to myself, if only Boma was here to listen. Oh well, spread the word sister. I sent him a text message telling him about the theme of the sermon…still no answer.
Efe came over later in the evening with a box of pizza and we ate, laughed and talked about everything but boys. Obviously aside, she and Lisa had secretly decided it was a sore subject. I knew this because I had done it severally in the past when one of us had boy trouble. Bless their hearts it was actually a relief.
At about 12 they took their leave, the next day was Monday and we all had work. Consciously trying not to check my phone or think about Boma, I soaked myself in the bath for 30 minutes before getting out and sorting my outfit for the next day.
Monday was good, my business was thriving. Natural hair was in trend and my products seemed to agree with at least 70% of the natural hair gang in Lagos. I was planning to expand and get an office in Abuja by October. We were already making a few deliveries and customers kept asking when we would open a branch.
I only checked for boma’s messages 3 times today, progress! And 4 if you add the one time I did before I went to bed.
Tuesday wasn’t bad either. As soon as we were done with the staff meeting I had called, Freddie my very hot but gay assistant came over. “Honey bun, what is wrong?” he asked worriedly “you seemed out of sorts today
I did?” I asked stupidly “Just boy problems
Oh, when would men change? Always so much drama!” giving me a quick hug, he added “will send you a bottle of wine this evening, should make you feel better yes?”
I laughed
This time it’s my fault Freddie, but yeah, I should be fine. You mentioned that our Cocoa root and Hair honey is running out? Remind me in an hour, will fix that.
There is the Ray I know, business woman, yes boss!” Freddie patted my back chuckling. Shortly he left to answer one of our stylists while I cross checked our sales for the past month. Soon I was dizzy from calculating numbers, mathematics had never been my strong suit. I pulled out the romantic novel Efe had left with me over the weekend and tried to occupy my time reading. On the 3rd chapter the author mentioned that Jane, the Female character sent Albastino her lover flowers, in a bid to gain his forgiveness and it had worked. Smiling mischievously I called in and ordered food for Boma from his favourite restaurant, Mozallas and gave them his office address. This should work.
2 hours later no thank you texts or calls. And I am sure it was delivered because I had called to confirm! By now I was truly scared! Was this really over?
What the hell, why wouldn’t he man up and at least tell me? How else was I going to apologise?!
The next few days went by in a blur, I had decided I wasn’t going to reach out to Boma and the feeling was obviously mutual. I soaked myself in work and tried and succeeded 50% percent of the time to not think of him, his kisses, his touch, the way he used to look at me, the many flowers he sent me at work or dinners we had gone for.
…The first time I slept in his house, the breakfast in bed moment, pecks on my fore head, play fights…
Arghhh! Who was I kidding? I was a wreck!
Friday came and it was exactly a week since the last time I had even seen or spoken to Boma. It wasn’t getting any easier.
He didn’t have to be such an asshole, he was definitely taking everything that happened that night out of proportion.
If it was really over he should just man up and tell me, not be such a coward about it.
I looked at my watch 12:15. I couldn’t bear the silence anymore, if he wasn’t going to talk to me, I was going to see him. He should end it to my face, I couldn’t bear an hour more in this state. Grabbing my car keys, I stormed out of the office.
15 minutes later, I drove into his parking lot and walked into his lounge feeling quite confident. His secretary looked up surprised, she opened her mouth but I could careless to listen to what she had to say.
I waved her off, not slowing down till I got to his door and an invisible wall stopped me in my tracks. What the heck did I think I was doing? If he said the words I feared he was going to say it would mean it really is over, no going back. I looked down at my outfit. My pink chiffon top was half tucked into my black palazzo pants. My hair had seen better days, my only accessories my wrist watch and silver stud earrings. Minimal make up, plain black work shoes that was thank God at least barely visible. I am not ready for this, I should look better, my favourite short black skirt would have done the trick, show casing the long legs in which I was pleased. I was practically hidden. Quick steps brought me back to my senses, his secretary came jog walking down the hall waving frantically most likely to stop me. And I made a quick decision. I turned the door knob and walked straight into his office!
Oh my knees! They were suddenly weak from the sight of him. I had surely missed him and all I had planned to say suddenly flew from my mind. I was momentarily confused and self conscious. He looked up from his desktop as he spoke “khad- Ray!” he said in shock “What are you doing here?
Khadija the secretary apparently, rushed in.
So sorry sir, she ju-” He lifted his hands, “She’s fine, we have an appointment
Oh! Ok Sir
She said stepping out and shutting the door.
What was I really doing here looking like a hot mess? I asked myself feeling very awkward.
He seemed to have gotten himself, because eyeing me, he said
You are not looking bad
Flustered, I replied “Oh, thanks” and remembering pleasantries wasn’t what I came for and that the chance he was mocking me was high, I quickly retorted “Or should I say no thanks? Boma, what is wrong with you, How else do I say I am sorry? You have refused to call or at least pick my calls, you couldn’t even say thanks for the lunch, if it is really over why don’t you just say-
You may sit Ray” he cut in calmly, a glint of mischief dancing on his face.
And of course, that infuriated me. Adamantly, I shook my head!
That is not what I came for.
Oh really? Then I must stand” he replied smiling as he stood.
What the hell was he playing at? Mashing up my thoughts, was he going to say it or not?
Whatever, just tell me Boma and stop being such a coward” I spat in a bid to remove the smile from his face.
Momentarily confused, he asked
Tell you what?
That it’s over goddamit!” I shrieked, he came around the table toward me and I moved back. I was on a mission and distractions where not allowed. Putting a finger to his jaw, he played at remembering the reason for my visit
Oh that! Yes, I was going to come around to it” with a wicked grin he added “It’s over Ray.”
I knew it was coming but I still wasn’t prepared for it. Suddenly I felt drained.
How could he say that so calmly, smiling? After everything we shared? My chest suddenly seemed too small for my beating heart. I couldn’t bear to be in his presence anymore. I wouldn’t let him see the tears that were threatening to fall, quickly I turned and walked towards the door.
But he was faster. As I put my hands on the door knob, his hand grabbed my waist and the other my hand causing me to turn around and face him. Face him with tears already running down my cheek. Refusing to look him in the eye, I felt humiliated. His hands reached my cheek and he wiped the tears away.
When I said it was over Baby I didn’t mean us I meant this, this stupid fight” he said leaning in to kiss me and I was all but butter in his arms. I would say I saw stars but you would think I am exaggerating! It really does happen though, I kissed him back with all I had and my hands went around his neck drawing him in for more, I couldn’t get enough! He tasted like honey and mint, the kiss was everything. He drew back and I gasped for breathe.
Oh my God Ray, I have missed you!” he said, kissing my forehead
I was feeling very emotional at this point I must say, mostly relieved though. I would give anything not to feel as crushed as I had felt minutes ago. And I admit it, yes I love Boma…
Then why did you-
My pride wouldn’t let me and I was so mad at you, I didn’t want you having it easy. I came back pretty late that Friday night because you said you were bored and I was planning to surprise you the next morning, only for a friend to call and tell me that my Girlfriend had practically outdone the strippers at the new club and that you looked really high!” he said, his tone changing. I looked down in shame. He lifted my chin
I was so worried I came rushing and then I saw that man grab your butt
Oh, God I wanted to disappear!
Boma, I am so-”
You have said that only 13 times over the past few days” he cut in smiling “I should have answered u sooner, you look a sexy mess!” he remarked kissing my cheek “ If you had waited just a few more minutes I just sent my delivery boy with a package to ask you out for dinner, but it’s even better I am doing it in person .” He kissed me again and I felt like a child “I can’t have you running to the next club again tonight!” I smacked his shoulder.
“Touché boo! Just playing” he laughed mischievously “ Please no more tears, but you look so damn cute pissed” and again he kissed me before I could react and once again my brain turned to mush. He kissed my neck and grabbed my bum and I could feel his erection. I was on fire, turned on beyond redemption. I ground against him and fumbled with his shirt buttons. In little time they were off and I half smiled and moaned at the feel of his rock hard chest. Familiar territory that I had missed! His scent…he hands pulled out the remains of my top from my trouser. Untucked, the blouse was big enough so that his hands quickly found my boobs underneath them. He toyed with my nipples and that was my undoing. I moaned louder as he carried me, my legs astride him and placed me on the table, bringing his lips back to mine.
We were lost! At least I am sure I was in cloud 9 until someone cleared their throat, very loudly. To my utter shock and Boma’s, a traditionally clad but good looking middle-aged woman stood staring at us, in mild disbelief and a lot of disapproval. She turned to face me and I had never felt as embarrassed as I was feeling. Sizing me up, she spoke
What Boma, if I may ask is going on here?” she asked waving her arms at me in distaste.
Quickly Boma pulled down my Top and grabbed his shirt just as his secretary rushed in looking flustered “Sir! I tried to tell Madam, but..” she saw us and seemed to loose her tongue, quickly averting her gaze.
Good afternoon mother, I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon, Meet my girlfriend, Ray” Boma finally spoke, buttoning up his shirt.
If I thought I was embarrassed before, right now I knew that was just an introduction. A chill ran down my bones…. HIS MUM?!! Oh MY GOD! Anything but this! I covered my face in my hands and groaned, praying fervently that the good lord will suddenly make me invincible.

*                                                 *                                                             *



If you enjoyed this chapter, please indicate in the comment section, if I get at least 20 comments, I Promise to be on time next week, lol…once again, thanks for reading.

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