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Don’t say it, I know it…I am the worst blogger in the whole wide world, keeping y’all waiting for so long!😩🙈🙈🙈

…But this job I got ehn (bless Jesus🙌🏽) and writer’s block is not helping matters, I can’t even promise that I will be on time next Tuesday for fear of not🤐…but I will try my best.

As usual, I hope it was worth the wait? DON’T BE SCARED TO CRITICISE, PLEASE COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE STORY! Will definitely appreciate it and it would push me to come through on Tuesday…lol (blackmail)

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About the Author


Well…Zubie is…lol! This is pretty awkward, I don’t know what to say. Ok, I think I am a fairly talented writer but I have been so lazy these past few years. My writing game was strong way back in sec school as I was obssessed with writing, was also an avid reader. Got into a lot of trouble with my teachers for that. I have written a couple of novels, they never got published.😩 My parents were huge fans, they even got me to talk to chimamanda Adichie and promised me summer lessons in writing, but the spirit of laziness and distractions from university…

oh well, good news is I am making a comeback…Enjoy!

P.s: Zubie doesn’t like dogs or have nine cats, as is popular amongst other authors but Zubie is a hopeless romantic especially when she is writing a story😄


Ray’s Lust.



I sat lazily on my couch, staring blankly at the TV in my palour.

I just got off the phone with my mum and the once subtle hints were not so subtle any more, but bless her soul as much as I love her, I was in no mood to entertain the subject of our conversation.

Your Aunt says she can’t wait to hear that you are getting married, in fact she is hoping that when she comes back this December, you introduce her to someone special” my Mum said, very slyly I must add.

Arghh! Mum, please speak for yourself, Aunty Jo has my number!” I answered

She got the message and quickly delved into other topics.

Boma and I had gotten into a fight the night before and I was feeling quite crancky.

I would like to put it out there, I am an independent woman, I work hard and I play harder. Even my exes understood this and they never interfered with my wild moments or time out with the girls.

That being said, Boma travelled to Abuja on Thursday for a conference and decided to spend the weekend with his family in the process. I didn’t want to spend the weekend doing nothing so I called Lisa up and she said, she and the girls were going to a strip club so I mentioned to Boma on the phone that I would be tagging along.

Very calmly he had said “Ray, I don’t think that would be a good idea…”

“Why?” I replied confused

“Well, for starters, you are a grown woman and I don’t entertain the idea that my woman would visit such places without me, especially amongst those notorious people you call your friends” he answered, a tad bit sarcastically.

“My friends, what do you mean by that Boma, come to think of it, when did you start telling me where I can and cannot go?” I was truly shocked by his response, shocked and pissed.

“Some of these girls are in their 30’s Babe and they are still single, they have the worst reputations, next thing I know,I would be carrying you out of a night club, for the second time in less than two months, now what does that say about little miss “I have got my life in check?” what does that have to say about me?”

“How dear you bring that up? I am sorry if I have mislead you during the course of this relationship, but no man, not even you can or should even try to control-”

“Calm down Honey, I am simply telling you what you know but if I must, I forbid you from going to any strip clubs-“


“If your pretty bum is itching to leave your house, you can also spend the weekend with your parents, I recall you mentioned it’s been a while since you did that?” he replied, with a hint of amusement

“You must be joking..”

“I am serious” he replied with deadly calm

I laughed…screeched is a better word, unable to believe we were having this banter, the conversation had been nothing but sweet before I mentioned the strip club thingie, what was his deal?

“Ray, don’t test me, I will be back on Sunday” and the line went dead!

OMG! The audacity, that had gone from a 0-100 real quick.

I stared at the phone for seconds and laughed to myself. Who the hell does Boma think he is? In fact for this, not only am I  going to a strip Club, I am painting the strip clubs in Lagos red! I am an independent lady, I cloth and feed myself, Niggah just got into my good books and he thinks he has the key?

“Don’t test me” I muttered myself, making a face while mimicking his words, no guy had ever said this and it felt both annoying and new…

What’s the worst that could happen? What can he do?

A nasty small voice whispered in my head “Call off the relationship?”

“Oh whatever, he is not the only man in the world!”

“But he is sweet, the only man who has ever made you feel this way…” the voice replied

“Which way?”

“Hot, cold,”

“Oh, shut up” I snapped at myself, grabbing my phone. I had decided that I would take the lead from Tara, the squads party leader, we were going to Lagos’ most notorious strip clubs and for added measure, drinks were on me.

“Hey T, what’s the arrangement for the weekend? Mind if I butt in?” I asked as soon as she answered my call.

“Uhmm… Ray, what’s with the- sure, we could work something out, I was thinking we could go to this new club that just opened last weekend, Rave she replied

“Na T, I don’t think we should go to just one, you only live once, what do you say we shut down Lagos? First round of drinks on me?” I knew this was getting way  in on my head and I was  probably overreacting. Why the hell was I this hyped, do I really want to piss Boma off and at the expenses of my money?

“Rayliscious, Ray for the girls!” Tara’s praises cut through my thoughts “that sounds like a plan boo, we aren’t getting any younger, would tell the girls soonest…”


*                                   *                                         *

As I pulled into the parking lot, I could tell that my chin was set in determination. I had to laugh at myself, I felt like a child playing with fire. The past month with Boma was all I could have wished for, it was too good to be true. I had to ruffle his feathers a little, what would it be like to see the other side to this seemingly perfect gentle man?

Dressed in black leather shorts, a leather cropped top and black spiky sandals, the neck  choker was a perfect finish to my goth themed look. I felt sexy and mysterious.

“Baby boo!” Lisa called walking towards me from the Club’s entrance “Leave some hotness for us na, see all the smoke you are releasing already!” I couldn’t help but laugh, her sense of humour always got me. She looked just as good in her print off-shoulder play suit and gladiator heels, her hair packed in a tight bun.

“See who is talking, slay queen!” I countered, we exchanged pecks as she came closer.

By the way, you mentioned Boma didn’t want you here, are you sure this is a good idea?” she asked wearily

“I am here already, please where are the girls? I came to have fun and not get interrogated, least of all from you!” she raised up her hands up in mock surrender

“ Just watching your back boo, I know how much you like this guy besides, he has reason-“

“When you are ready to have fun, I will be waiting for you inside the club.” I cut her off walking towards the club entrance.

I am already use to the attention I get wherever I go, especially if they happen to be clubs. The bouncers were practically eating me up with their eyes and without much ado, they paved way for Lisa and I, to the chagrin of a group of ladies who were in a seemingly heated battle as to why they were refused entrance into the club.

As is expected for a club situated in Ikoyi, the crowd was of the elite sort. Loud Afro beat music bounced of the walls. The club was lit with fancy looking fluorescent bulbs of different colours. The walls were a mosaic of different women’s portraits in various states of undress or stark nudity. There was a well stocked bar at the far left corner, and then the D.J’s stand which had been carved out in glass. As is to be expected, the polls were occupied by scantily clad strippers. A few sits scattered around had mostly men sitting around while different women were trying to “entertain them”. My favourite part of strip clubs were the strippers, the way they moved their bodies, spoke with their eyes, enticed with their lips, it was like they were all in a competition to outdo each other. I watched them not necessarily because I was entertained, but because I felt that each girl behind the mask had a story and I always tried to match the stories I had formed in my head to every one of them. In my head, they all had names, Ogechi from Ebonyi, an orphan who single handedly had to fend for her siblings, Victoria the Calabar girl who ran away from an abusive stepfather, 18 year old Amina who ran away from her family after they had forced her into a foreboding and overbearing marriage with a man who was old enough to be her grandfather and Funmi, a dark skinned beauty from a well to do home who just loved life on the fast lane, the money, the attention, men, booze…

“Here they are!” Tara shouted excitedly over the blaring music as we made our way towards the VIP section. They already had a bottle of moet on the table, Cran berry juice, a glass of Chap-man, Spirit, Shisha and a bucket of ice. Mentally I calculated the bill and cursed myself, who told me to run my big mouth? All because I felt I was in a battle with Boma! Boma whom I suddenly wished was here with me. To distract myself, I hailed the girls

“Ucheee, YVee, Efe baby you girls be tripping!” I cheered as I blew them kisses and took my sit. They all returned the compliments and soon enough, I was downing a glass of moet and we were talking about what girls talk about…men.

“You have been painting Lag red with your new boo Ray, spill” Efee, the most voluptuous in the squad said in her African American accent.

Feigning indifference I replied, “Same old, it’s been just one month” and sensing my discomfort, good old Lisa stood up and pulled me to the dance floor.

The good thing about strip clubs is that everyone comes striped of any pretence or false modesty. Lisa and I twirled round the dance floor, doing our signature moves. In between dances I gulped down glasses of Moet, partly to drown Boma from my thoughts and mostly to dull the sudden paranoia that I was being watched. This was a club, surely the men were allowed to satiate their lustful eyes. Thanks to the DJ, one my favourite songs rent the air, Black Eyed Peas’ “Hey mamma” and with abandon I twerked, hopefully giving the professional strippers a run for their money.

I was about to cross the thin line between tipsy and drunk (where is Lisa) and just when I decided my legs couldn’t hold me up any longer, I felt someone tap my butt “Baby, how about you bounce that ass for me in my hotel room, what’s your price?” I turned to see a short, fat bald man, giving me the most lecherous smile I had ever seen in my life. Filled with fury and booze, I twirled round and raised my hands to give him a slap! In the process, I must have missed my step because next thing I know I was heading for the floor, head on!

Strong arms grabbed my waist and before I could process what was happening, I was dropped unceremoniously but carefully unto a bar stool. My nostrils caught the familiar male scent and even before I looked up I knew who it was and I wished I could just disappear! I was staring into the not so happy eyes of Boma “I warned you Ray, what the hell do you think you are doing?” he muttered, a muscle in his head twitching, I could tell, he was trying but failing to keep his cool.

“What…how..how are you here?” I stammered feeling very dizzy all of a sudden, the whole place was spinning and I was trying my hardest to keep appearances, I had certainly outdone my self tonight and my shame knew no bounds.

“Holy Moses!” Lisa gasped briefly coming into focus “I only just went to the loo! Boma…arent you supposed to be in-“

And my world went blank.

*                                                  *                                                     *

To be continued

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15 comments on “RAY’S LUST (5)

  1. Amy
    August 4, 2016

    Horr! Didn’t see that coming.. lol cool!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. themodernmedici
    August 4, 2016

    I LOVE THIS! I can’t wait to read more. I’m going back now to read the previous ones I missed.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. chinenye
    August 4, 2016

    Thoroughly enjoyed this… I jst wonder how’s this Ray’s lost will finally unfold

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ezinne
    August 4, 2016

    I love it. I can’t wait for the next one

    Liked by 1 person

  5. yvonne
    August 5, 2016

    Hmmm…suspense filled!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. ada
    August 5, 2016

    I enjoyed it..nice work dear

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  7. Princess Torty
    August 5, 2016

    Bia Zubie finish this story! You are giving me hbp na! Keep it up btw

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Chimdalu
    August 6, 2016

    Hehehehe…..Zubi if I get u eeeh! What kinda suspense is this!!!!…Jeeez…next Tues better upload the next episode or I will unleash disturbance * * evil smile**

    Liked by 1 person

  9. zubhie
    August 6, 2016

    😂😂😂…ur wish is my command, thanks dear!


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